Watch Drift Icon Ryan Tuerck Tune Up His Ride In The New ‘Need For Speed’

For the past decade, Ryan Tuerck has been a top-end car customizer and one of the most recognizable, competitive names on the Formula Drift circuit. He even has his own YouTube show, Tuerck’d, in which he explores the drifting scene while showing off his own impressive skills. Needless to say, Ryan knows a thing or two about tuning a killer ride, so who better to test out the incredibly deep, realistic car customization in the latest Need For Speed?

Obviously you can customize the look of your car to your heart’s content in Need For Speed, but as you’ll see in the video above, you can also go deep and tinker with everything inside your vehicle as well. Watch as Ryan uses the same parts he’d use in the real world to turn his sporty ride into a race-winning monster.

Of course Need For Speed isn’t just about customization. Once you’ve built your dream car, you can conquer Need For Speed‘s vast open world in one of five different ways, focusing on either speed, style, builds, your crew or the path of the outlaw.

Over the next week, we’re going to be bringing you two more videos with a top level customizer taking on Need For Speed, so stay tuned. Need For Speed is currently available for the Xbox One and PS4.