‘Need For Speed Payback’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Every week, it feels like there are more games for more platforms than ever before. So, every week, we sort the signal from the noise to find you the five games worth your time and money this week. Starting with the latest title for racing fans and/or fans of crashing things.

Pick Of The Week: Need For Speed Payback, Friday ($60, PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

This open world racing game is basically a Fast and the Furious movie in an open world at this point. Finish races, do stunts, and be repeatedly reminded that this was totally a movie starring Aaron Paul once, since that’s more or less what unfolds here. Still, the focus on stunts, crashes, and other set pieces — you know, the fun stuff we all secretly want — promises to make this a great time on the road.

DOOM, Friday ($60, Switch)

One of the better shooters of the last few years goes portable as it arrives on the Switch looking, well, pretty much exactly like the other console versions, which is no mean feat. Finally, finally, we can get the taste of Doom 64 out of our mouths.

Sonic Forces, Today ($60, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC)

Everybody’s favorite blue hedgehog is gambling he can win back our hearts in the 3D realm now that Sonic Mania has reminded us why we enjoyed playing Sonic in the first place. Which, considering the series’ track record, is a bit of a bold gamble, but we believe in the cobalt dude with the rude ‘tude.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Today ($20, PS4)

Aloy is back, bow in hand, just in time to get completely destroyed by a robo-bear. Yeah, this expansion to one of the best games of the last year isn’t going easy on you. But once you rack up some skills, you’ll find you’ve got even more fun in a sorta-sequel.

Super Lucky’s Tale, Today ($30, Xbox One)

Finally, if you really just want to chill with some Nintendo 64 era platforming, this game, which we’ve played as part of our review of the Xbox One X, is a delightful little platformer full of coins to grab and whimsy as you play a little fox who can jump, burrow, and really beat ass with his tail. Seriously, you send enemies flying. Some of those guys are gonna need a hospital.

Any games we missed? Let us know in the comments!