Learn How Drift Icon Ryan Tuerck Got His Start, And How ‘Need For Speed’ Can Put You In His Shoes

Meet Ryan Tuerck, top-end car customizer and master of the Formula Drift circuit. But how does one become a top drift racer? How do you learn to slide a car around a corner with perfect precision, missing potentially deadly walls by only inches? Well, Ryan started drifting when he was only a teenager, driving his drift car to and from work in between races. Eventually he got into serious customization, and soon found himself on top of the podium in multiple major drift competitions.

Of course, most of us will probably never be professional drift racers. We don’t have the skills, the time or, frankly, the guts. Thankfully, the latest Need for Speed offers deep, authentic customization, allowing you to not only choose the look of your car, but tinker with the engine, drive train, wheel, breaks, tires and much more. Create your custom-designed monster and then venture into Need for Speed‘s huge open world and burn rubber around corners just like Ryan Tuerck and other real-life drifters and urban racers.

Keep an eye out Friday as we’ll highlight Ryan’s skills as a genius of car customization, and see him put Need For Speed through its paces. Need For Speed is available right now for the Xbox One and PS4.