‘The Last Of Us 2’ Celebrates Halloween With A Shockingly Brutal New Trailer

The Last Of Us 2 has been talked about as “a game about hate.” That’s a pretty big topic to go after, but the new trailer indicates that at least part of the game will be blunt about that topic, as some pretty horrible things befall a group of our nominal heroes before the clickers even show up.

There’s not a lot of context, here, although we do know the game takes place in a United States that’s fallen apart thanks to a fungus that invades, takes over, and ultimately eats alive the human nervous system. Like any zombie story though, the real enemy is us, which in the last game took the form of cannibal cults, fascistic military presences, and terrorist groups who lost sight of their stated aims. This time around, it appears to be some form of religious cult, and original heroes Joel and Ellie are nowhere in sight.

It’s also unnervingly, horrifyingly gory. A woman has her arm smashed with a hammer, people are impaled with arrows, and one person gets a hatchet lobotomy. The truly creepy moment, though, is when the supposed good guy walks into the clearing and doesn’t seem enthused to save a woman strangling at the end of a noose. Why? Because she’s “one of them.”

There’s no release date for this game just yet, but we’d imagine it’ll be relatively soon. Just hopefully it’s got the occasional moment with giraffes.

(via Kotaku