Next ‘Dead Rising’ Supposedly Will Involve Killing Zombie ‘Illegals,’ Will Not End Well

“Dead Rising,” for those who haven’t played it, is a video game with a time limit and an open sandbox where you kill zombies, fight off psychopaths, and save total morons, usually by combining various objects into ridiculous weapons with duct tape and wearing a clown suit, or women’s clothes, or just your undies, since it takes place in a mall or group of malls. It is a very very silly game!

Sounds like a perfect way to comment on a hot-button political issue!

According to unnamed sources, Capcom’s third entry in the series will be about illegal immigration, featuring a group of people infected with the zombie wasps (yes, zombies are made by wasps in this game), but not yet full-on brain-munchers. And they’re called “illegals.”


Fox News jumps on this in three…two…one…