Nintendo’s Mini-NES Gets Cracked Open, And Here’s What’s Inside

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11.08.16 5 Comments

In July, Nintendo announced the Mini-NES (aka Nintendo Classic), a $60 miniature replica of the NES with thirty games built in, and it also comes with one controller, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable (but on USB-to-AC adapter). There are a few downsides to it (like a very short controller cord), but overall it looked like a lot of fun if you don’t want to program your own NES emulator in Linux with a Raspberry Pi. And that wouldn’t be as adorable anyway.

The Nintendo Classic won’t go on sale until November 11th, but some reviewers have already received theirs, and GameSpot’s Peter Brown even opened this sucker up and tweeted a picture of the motherboard:

Bad news: it’ll be difficult to modify the memory to add new games. Good news: it’s running an open-source OS (Linux) and packs a lot of processing power into a little $60 form factor.

Reddit (via PCMag) went to work figuring out what’s in the box:

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