The Nintendo NX Is Rumored To Be The Most Powerful Console On The Market


Any rumors about the Nintendo NX need to be well seasoned with grains of salt. The claims that Nintendo was giving us a pane of glass with a few buttons studded in it for a controller were, sadly, faked, for example. But that said, there have been a surprising number of accurate leaks lately, and so we can at least entertain what this supposed developer is claiming Nintendo has in store.

This is, of course, a Reddit thread, so it should be viewed with the appropriate skepticism. But the claims aren’t particularly outlandish and boil down to a few basic bullet points:

  • The NX is more powerful than the PS4.
  • It will retain the second-screen of the Wii U on the controller.
  • The controller is a semi-independent game system that will let you play minigames on the go.
  • It’s a more traditional console; the touchscreen is less integral to the actual game and is more for minigames and to customize the controller to add things you want to tap.

There’s reason to be skeptical, of course; there always is. Even if all of this is true, Nintendo apparently is still goomba-stomping third-party developers with abandon, and the NX is going to have a problem in light of the fact that the Xbox One and the PS4 have, between them, a rather substantial lead in the market. But if nothing else, it tells us what people most want out of Nintendo’s next console.

(Via Forbes)