The Nintendo NX May Feature Motion Sensing Similar To Microsoft’s Kinect

Nintendo has promised to show their next gaming machine, codenamed the NX, next month, but the system’s general outline may already be coming into view. Recent credible reports stated that the NX will actually be a tablet-like portable with detachable controllers, which can be connected to your TV. Well, eagle-eyed gamers have discovered new Nintendo patent filings that seem to confirm these rumors, and point to another surprising NX feature.

First up we have this patent for a controller accessory that plugs into the side of what looks like a tablet, which 100 percent backs up the “portable with detachable controllers” scuttlebutt.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting — Nintendo has also filed a patent for some type of gesture-based input tech. Much like Microsoft’s Kinect, the system would capture your movements using a front-facing camera, except this tech would be portable, rather than tethered to your TV. You can see an example of how the tech might be used, below.

It’s definitely surprising to see Nintendo getting into Kinect-like technology just as Microsoft is abandoning the idea, but a portable take on the concept could be interesting. Personally, I’m not that interested in gyrating around in front of my TV, but I could see doing a few simple hand gestures while sitting down with a portable. Are you intrigued by the idea, or do you want to give NX gesture controls the finger?

(via Polygon)