Nintendo NX Survey May Confirm The Console Includes A ‘Handheld Device’, Achievements, And Much More

So far all we know for sure about the Nintendo NX is that it’s in development and will be unveiled sometime in 2016. There’s been plenty of speculation about the machine’s horsepower, and whether it might be some sort of console-handheld hybrid, but there has been no solid confirmation.

Well, Nintendo fans eager for any scraps of information about the new console may have found some in a somewhat mysterious new survey making the rounds. The survey, which has been confirmed as real by various sources, was posted by major market research firm GMK, a company Nintendo has worked with regularly in the past. Surprisingly, the survey asks some fairly pointed questions about the Nintendo NX, dropping some juicy info in the process.

The survey seems to confirm that the Nintendo NX will have a handheld component. It also mentions an achievement system, 4K video streaming and 900p/60fps gameplay graphics (that would suggest the NX is on par with the Xbox One in terms of power). Later pages of the survey also suggest the system may boast a Netflix-like game subscription service.

Now, before you analyze any of this information too deeply, I should reiterate that this is a marketing survey. While GMK likely received some concrete information from Nintendo about the NX, some of the things you see listed may simply be there to test the waters. To see how fans react. That’s what market research is for, after all. In other words, the overall picture this survey provides could very well be accurate, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on the specific details.

When will we know something for sure about the Nintendo NX? It could be sooner than you think. Nintendo’s annual shareholder briefing is coming up on February 3, which seems like an ideal time to spill some details. Nintendo might decide to wait for E3 in June, but that wouldn’t give them much time to build hype for the machine if they plan to launch in 2016. As always, predicting what Nintendo will do is no easy task, but we’ll keep you posted.

(via IGN)