‘Nioh’ Is The Spectacular Samurai Version Of ‘Dark Souls’ You Need To Keep An Eye On

Team Ninja, the once-acclaimed studio behind the Ninja Gaiden series, may be about to return in a big way with their new game, Nioh. Originally announced all the way back in 2004, Nioh is a semi-historical samurai game based on an unfinished script by the revered Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (Kurosawa’s son finished the script for the game). In the game, you play as William, a half-Japanese, half-Western samurai with blonde hair who fights fellow samurai and demons in 16th century Japan.

Nioh features a complex, relatively realistic combat system, and punishing level design reminiscent of From Software games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Very reminiscent – if you told me this actually was a From Software game, I’d believe you. You can check out the latest trailer above, and some gameplay footage, below.

Still not sure if Nioh is for you? Well, the game’s publisher Koei Tecmo has announced a demo of Nioh will be available for a limited time between April 6 and May 5. The game’s full release is (roughly) scheduled for sometime in late 2016.

What do you folks think of Nioh? Does it look like it will rub your masochistic streak the right way, or are you happy to just stick to Dark Souls III?

(Via PlayStation Blog)