The New York Times Publishes A Video Game About Voter Suppression Based Upon ‘Oregon Trail’

The New York Times has released an online game — The Voter Suppression Trail — highlighting (you guessed it) the perils of voter suppression. The game was designed in the vein of Oregon Trail where voters see what it’s like to vote as different people in different parts of the country.

The mini game is an amusing but intense look at what people have to go through on Election Day. Players have three characters they are able to embody, including a white programmer from California, a Latina nurse from Texas, and a black salesman from Wisconsin. Besides playing as the white programmer, players are subjected through several tribulations voters experience on Election Day. Players can be subjected to sick kids, long lines, upset bosses, and inclement weather. One of the most interesting obstacles is voter “observers” who stalk the polling place and intimidate voters.

The game is harmless fun, but many of the situations the players face could happen to actual voters. For as much as Trump wants to lambast this election for being rigged, he is not making it any easier. It’s been reported some Trump supporters will be serving as these “observers,” which loosely translates to Trump supporters trying to intimidate voters. And a senior Trump official recently let fly that voter intimidation operations are already in the works.

But the game does provide a happy ending, as the game helps players find their nearest polling place.

(Via The New York Times, Kotaku & Bloomberg)

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