AOC And Ilhan Omar’s ‘Among Us’ Stream Was The Fifth Most Watched Twitch Stream Ever

Over the weekend, New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she wanted to dive into the world of Twitch and stream a game of Among Us, the murder-mystery game that has become a sensation in 2020 as people try to find ways to interact with friends without leaving the house.

A number of gamers lined up for the chance to hop on the stream with AOC and Minnesota rep. Ilhan Omar, but a select few made the cut, with some of the biggest names in streaming who have accrued millions of followers hoping on as they promoted the importance of voting and discussed various issues all while playing a highly entertaining game.

AOC struggled a bit with the morality of it all when it was her turn to be the imposter, which made for some pretty hilarious moments, and as the stream went along it garnered some massive attention.

The stream peaked at 439,000 viewers on AOC’s Twitch channel, becoming the fifth most-watched individual stream in Twitch history, per GINX. She currently has over 600,000 followers after her first night of streaming. The video of the 3.5 hour long stream (which you can watch here if you’d like) is now up to 4.9 million views, a preposterous number that shows how effective her efforts were in getting a massive audience and reach by going to Twitch.

We’ll see how frequent AOC streams, but her goal was to reach a young generation on a platform that few politicians successfully use and she more than succeeded in that quest. As she looks to get more into the gaming space, she can get some tips from Omar on how to set up a professional gaming rig, as the Minnesota Congresswoman blew folks away with her setup.