Paige Is In ‘WWE 2K15’, But You’ll Need To Shell Out 25 Extra Bucks To Get Her

10.08.14 4 years ago 52 Comments

Maybe, probably, definitely worth it. 

The lovely Paige has been an important cog in WWE’s Divas divsion for the past few months, but it was looking dicey as to whether she’d make the WWE 2K15 roster. Wrestling game line-ups are usually decided months in advance after all, and Paige only debuted on the main roster around half a year ago — right at the cuttoff point in other words.

Well, good news! Paige will be in the game! But there’s a catch — she’s an exclusive character for folks who shell out for WWE 2K15’s $25 dollar season pass. The season pass gets you a 20% discount on three expansions to the game’s Showcase mode. The Showcase mode lets you play through various iconic rivalries — the gave will only ship with John Cena/CM Punk and Triple H/Shawn Micheals. No specific word on what the downloadable Showcase mode rivalries will be, but John Cena/Edge is heavily rumored. As long as Kofi Kingston/Dolph Ziggler isn’t included, I’m cool.

We’re all Paige fans around here, but is having her in WWE 2K15 worth opening your wallet for a $25 season pass? That’s up to you I suppose. Keep in mind, very few gaming “exclusives” stay exclusive for long in 2014 — I’d be quite shocked if Paige wasn’t offered seperately later.

Via Attack of the Fanboy

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