The PlayStation CEO Says The PS4 Is ‘Nearing The End Of Its Lifecycle,’ But There’s No Need For Concern

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At the end of March, Sony announced they had sold a hair under 80 million PlayStation 4 units — a milestone that took the PS3 seven years to reach. But with hardware rapidly changing and the slight upgrades the PS4 Pro offers in addition to the competition of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (and Xbox One X), the PS4’s fifth anniversary would also mark its shift towards the back-end of its lifecycle.

During its Investor Relations Day, PlayStation CEO John Kodera explained that the PS4 is getting older, but it won’t quite be put out to pasture thanks to revenue coming in from PlayStation Plus. The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki translated the meeting which has led to raised eyebrows to some fans:

And the most interesting bit of information to come from the PS Boss:

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