Watch These Pokémon Dance To ‘Uptown Funk’ Better Than You Ever Will

Yes, that’s Charizard and Dragonite dancing to “Uptown Funk.” And that’s not the only song these two Pokémon have been getting down to. Welcome to the new meme, folks.

As you might have guessed, this got started in Japan. A fan video set this animation to a song by J-pop duo GARNiDELiA. And it works pretty well there, but then Reddit discovered it and realized it could sync up with pretty much any song you can dance to. Like, say, anything by the Village People, Rob Thomas and Santana, Fifth Harmony and Fetty Wap, The Spice Girls, or our personal favorite, Ariana Grande:

There are, of course, several Twitter accounts already dedicated to aggregating these videos, and you can probably expect more of them to flood the internet as people get bored at work. To be fair, this is hardly the first time fans have decided Pokémon have moves — Here’s a Garchomp putting its hands in the air like it just don’t care, and Charizard appears to have had other dancing partners in the past. So really, this all brings it down to the most important question this video raises: When will Pokémon Go start featuring dance battles?

(Via Deadspin)