You Can Now Play ‘Pokémon’ On A Virtual Game Boy In ‘Minecraft’ Thanks To An Ingenious Fan

I’m not going to pretend to really understand how high-level, super-complex Minecraft projects work. I just accept that somehow, some way, Minecraft wizards are able to make functioning computers and smartphones out of the same bricks I can barely build a house out of. That said, the latest amazing Minecraft project making the rounds pushes things to an all-new, barely-comprehensible level.

Yes, apparently Minecraft fanatic/Redditor Requag has built a virtual Game Boy Advance in the game, which can run a simple version of Pokémon FireRed (the 16-bit remake of the original Pokémon Red). The Minecraft remake of Pokémon FireRed is still missing a good number of features – NPCs and battles aren’t in there yet – but Requag says he’s going to continue to work on the project. The end goal is to make a version of Pokémon that will let you play from beginning to end and legitimately catch ’em all.

If you’d like to check out Pokémon in Minecraft, you can download the project here. Don’t worry, no mods are needed, as the whole thing is built using existing Minecraft blocks and features. It will certainly be interesting to see how Nintendo responds to this. Just saying, you may want to grab this before the lawyers get involved.

(Via Polygon)