‘Prey’ Lays Out Its Insane Alternate History In A New Trailer

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Prey looks to be a fun, creepy survival horror shooter, coming next year, but aside from an unnerving trailer it’s not really clear why precisely you’re trapped on a luxury space station with a bunch of gross shape-shifting aliens. Fortunately, a new trailer has arrived to explain why the skyscraper is there, at least, and it is completely bonkers.

The trailer reveals the game takes place in an alternate history where the Russians and Americans team up to contain an alien life form attacking a Russian satellite. Kennedy, surviving his assassination attempt in 1963, later hijacks the project, builds a whole space station around the satellite, and starts studying the creepy little monsters. In the ’90s, they break out, kill everybody, and the space station is abandoned instead of, you know, fired into the sun like a space station full of horror monsters should be. Then in the 2030s, somebody buys the thing, builds a skyscraper on top of it, and apparently is now futzing with the human mind, because a space station full of homicidal sludge creatures wasn’t scary enough.

Serious question: What is it with major corporations in video games, and their tendency to spend billions of dollars on concepts that even on paper are blatantly horrible ideas? Granted, the alternate history aspect of this trailer practically guarantees that there’s a twist coming, presumably of “THE ALIENS ARE ALREADY ON EARTH” variety. But even so, who’d invest in the Talos Corporation’s plan to buy a haunted space station? Did they launch a Kickstarter? We’ll find out in 2017.

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