The Latest PlayStation 4 Update Brings Folders, HDR Support, And Many Other Handy Features

Let’s be real, most console updates are more annoying than anything. “I can’t play any of my games until I download a 2GB file that only tweaks a few menus I never use? Fantastic.”

Well, the PS4’s big 4.0 update arrives today, and thankfully it actually adds some stuff that will make it worth the download. The entire PS4 interface has been significantly streamlined, and now lets you organize your various games and apps into handy folders, something users have been asking for since the system launched. Check out the video at the top of this post for a full rundown of all the new UI tweaks and features.

In addition to improved menus and folders, the 4.0 update also brings a couple other important updates…

– All PS4s are now high dynamic range (HDR) capable. For those not up on the latest TV tech, HDR allows for a greater, more nuanced range of contrast, giving images a more believable, realistic feel. At least that’s the sales pitch. HDR is being pushed as a major feature of the PS4 Pro, so it’s definitely surprising to see Sony hand out HDR support to everybody with this patch.

– You can now transfer data from one PS4 to another using a wired LAN connection. Previously, you needed to use a finicky online process. This is obviously to prepare for the arrival of the PS4 Pro.

The PS4 4.0 update is live now – just turn on your console and you should be asked to begin the download.

(Via PlayStation Blog)