‘Quantum Break’ Has A Hilarious And Very Appropriate Surprise For People Who Pirate The Game

04.06.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Microsoft/Remedy Entertainment

The war between game makers and pirates is a hard-fought one that will probably rage on in one form or another forever. Publishers pour millions into developing complex anti-piracy tech, which is starting to have some effect, but sometimes developers come up with their own quirky answers to piracy. For instance, Grand Theft Auto IV screwed with your camera controls if it detected you pirated the game, and The Sims 4 had the game’s nudity censorship eventually cover the entire screen.

Well, the latest game to take a humorous jab at pirates is Quantum Break. If it’s detected you pirated the PC version of the game, your main character Jack Joyce will be sporting some very appropriate new eyewear that you can’t remove (although why would you want to?).


Microsoft/Remedy Entertainment

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has pulled this stunt before, outfitting folks who pirated their previous game Alan Wake with a similar eyepatch.


Microsoft/Remedy Entertainment

It’s nice to see Remedy taking a lighthearted approach to piracy, although I’m not sure if this gag is going to work out in their favor. I mean, that’s a pretty cool eyepatch. If I wasn’t such a morally upstanding citizen, I might be tempted to pirate Quantum Break just for the rad eyewear.

via Kotaku

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