Watch Gamers Control A Real-Life Version Of ‘Hitman’

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03.09.16 3 Comments

Hitman is a game with an elegant premise. Sneak in; eliminate the target, preferably in a manner that implies accident or suicidal design, and sneak out. When it all comes together, you can feel like a complete bad-ass as you just casually stroll out the front door of a building with nobody the wiser. But pulling it off on movie screens has been a trickier proposition. Turns out, what you really need is a livestream setup and a bunch of gamers controlling the lead actor.

Realm Pictures recently set up a live-action Hitman level. Players could control an actor as he went through the various motions Agent 47 can tick off, like starting a fire to cause a distraction and, of course, garroting a bunch of guards and hiding their bodies. Most impressively, a camera crew followed the Agent 47 stand-in around and perfectly emulated the angles in the game, while voice actor David Bates read off the lines, and a total of 22 actors were wired up and fed into an A/V desk to achieve the effect. Even more impressively, this is more or less an actual level of the upcoming episodic game, enacted in real life.

Needless to say, live-action Hitman is a bit more complicated and expensive than just playing the game, so don’t expect this to become a commonplace web game any time soon. But it’s still fun to watch, and imagine what it would be like to have a hitman on the other end of the mic.

(Via PC Gamer)

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