‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Videos And Cowboy Shenanigans Have Taken Over Twitter

Rockstar Games 2 on Twitter

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the biggest titles of the year, both in the size of the file on your hard drive and the hype around the game itself. The game officially went live at midnight on Friday, and thousands of gamers across the country took off work to don their digital cowboy hats and go kill some outlaws.

The game is massive, more than 100 GB, which took forever for many people to download. There was a lot of waiting for a lot of people.

Once the game actually got going there was a lot of nostalgia for fans of the first Red Dead Redemption. Everyone, though, was treated to lush visuals of the old west. There’s a story there and everything, but one of the most fun aspects of any Red Dead game is, of course, horses. You can name a horse, and even braid its tail so you can recognize it from afar.

But mostly, there are a lot of horse-related shenanigans.

Please stop checking your phone those didn’t exist in the 19th century.

Seriously, be careful with your horses or they’ll make you pay.

Stop punching your horses! They are gentle animals unless you harm them and they don’t deserve it!

Hunting anything is dangerous in Red Dead Redemption 2. Sometimes, you’re the one that gets hunted.

Sometimes even just quiet moments can be risky.

Every bear attack is visually stunning and, well, completely terrifying.

If you get a legendary bear pelt, though, there’s only one thing to do with it.

Violence has been having a good run with the game so far. A nice run, even.

Everyone has their own way to play it. For those who are interested in good doggos, well, there’s one clear path to victory.

And, of course, there were digital dongs.

As more players get deeper into the game, we’ll certainly have more fun crop up online. We’re just getting started here.