Rick Santorum’s Favorite Video Game: Temple Run

Senior Contributor
02.16.12 4 Comments

Currently, a man who thinks the government has a right to put a camera in your bedroom to find out if you’re gay (no, really), is in favor of heterosexual sex only to make babies, is opposed to women in combat because of the feelings of love and chivalry it might evoke in male soldiers, and is prone to dressing like a total dork has an outside shot at being chosen as the Republican nominee for President. This requires that we look closely at his iPad habits, and make fun of them.

Below is the game that has displaced “Angry Birds” in Rick Santorum’s heart, one of a legion of running games. We know this because his kids told us about it. Also, apparently they’re the ones who install software for him.

Do we really want to elect a president who can’t even install his own apps? This has profound and troubling implications for our democracy, just like the fact that Rick Santorum may actually be a time-travelling McLovin.

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