Ron Gilbert Is Kickstarting A Game That’s Basically A Sequel To ‘Maniac Mansion’

We’ve seen plenty of “classic point-and-click adventure games” hit Kickstarter, most notably Tim Schafer’s Broken Age, but Ron Gilbert, the creator of the Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion series is taking it a step further. Gilbert and Maniac Mansion co-creator Gary Winnick are looking for funds to make Thimbleweed Park, which they’re selling as lost LucasArts adventure game Gilbert just so happened to re-discover in a dusty desk drawer somewhere.

So that means 80s VGA graphics, the classic “Push, Pull, Use, Ect.” SCUMM system and that incomparable Maniac Mansion sense of humor. Here’s a to-the-point Kickstarter pitch video…

The rest of the Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter page is also refreshingly straightforward. No unrealistic funding goal with all the good stuff locked away in stretch goals bulls*t here.

I’m a little tired of the whole Kickstarter thing, a lot of us are, but Thimbleweed Park is getting all my money (or at least $20 of it). You can toss your money into the hat here.