Ron Jeremy Thinks Video Games Are Making Kids Stupid

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09.24.15 16 Comments

On the one hand, I want to be fair to Ron Jeremy, because the man is a trained educator. On the other hand, he just said some incredibly dumb and vaguely racist things about video games and college students, so, really, it’s a coin flip.

Vice interviewed Jeremy recently because of his role in Super Hornio Bros., the notorious Mario porn parody that urban legend holds Nintendo bought to keep off the market. Jeremy fondly remembers the movie, but he dislikes Mario and the intellectual void that spawned him:

As a former schoolteacher, Asians are kicking our ass! While our kids are drinking beer, and playing video games, Asians are getting high SAT scores. If you look at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, it’s almost all Asian and Scandinavian. Not a lot of Americans there, and it’s on our soil. It’s just weird. Nothing wrong with video games recreationally, but our kids are living on it. You know, not even reading books anymore.

Because if there’s any continent morally and intellectually opposed to video games, it’s Asia. I just want to point out Jeremy is talking about a movie that was bought out, according to him, by a Japanese video-game company. Also, if you were wondering, Vice helpfully has a few links proving Jeremy incorrect. Well, maybe not about the beer, but there’s no danger of a foreign takeover of the Ivy League, put it that way.

Not to slight the Hedgehog, but come on, Ron. Consider the company you keep with this opinion. You’ve been doing far more dignified and tasteful things for the past 30 years; stick to those.

(Via Vice)

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