Ryu From ‘Street Fighter’ Could Very Well Be Entering The ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Fray

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series has featured a lot of characters from many different kinds of games, but very few from actual fighting games. That’s partly because Nintendo doesn’t really make fighting games (aside from Smash Bros. of course) but Nintendo has used characters from other companies. So, where are the fighters from actual fighting games?

Well, evidence has surfaced that Ryu of Street Fighter fame may be preparing to make his Smash Bros. debut. A new patch was released for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS yesterday, and clever fans have already cracked it open looking for clues. The patch was only supposed to re-balance gameplay a bit, and allow for the introduction of DLC character Mewtwo, but apparently it also contains two sound files labeled “snd_bgm_SF01_SF2_Ryu_3DS” and “snd_bgm_Z81_F_Ryu_3DS”. The two files are a recreation of the music from Ryu’s stage in Street Fighter II and the garbled line he speaks when he wins a match in the same game.

Other uncovered sound files point to other new characters like Lucas from Earthbound (who has been confirmed) and Roy from Fire Emblem (who hasn’t).

Honestly, it’s more than a little odd that Nintendo would include full, clearly labeled, spoilery sound files in a random update like this. It’s almost like they wanted gamers to find them. That’s just speculation, but it does seem like Ryu is on his was to Smash Bros. Anyone excited to Hadoken the hell out of Jigglypuff?

Source: Ars Technica