‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ Looms Over The Five Games You Need To Play


Every week, there are more games for more platforms than ever demanding our attention. So, each week, we pick five games that deserve your time and money. Beginning with one of the most anticipated (and detailed) remakes of the year.

Pick Of The Week: Shadow Of The Colossus, Today ($50, PS4)

If you didn’t play the PS2 original or the PS3 remaster, you’ve got a third chance with the PS4 version, which rebuilds the game from the ground up with modern graphics and a slightly less frustrating control scheme. If you care about the history of games, or game design, it’s a must-play. We’ll have a review later today.

Dandara, Today ($15 PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

This wildly ambitious platformer features two ways to get around: Your heroine leaping through the void, and rotating the entire environment around her while sticking to walls to dodge obstacles. Think of it like Gravity Rush meets Castlevania, with a dash of Prince of Persia

Marooners, Today ($10, PS4 and Xbox One)

This frantic party game packs a bunch of adorable heroes on an island and sends them running for the loot across a string of minigames, ranging from an arena brawl to a race to the top of a volcano. Think Mario Party, except far less annoying and unfair.

Aegis Defenders, Thursday ($15, PS4 and Switch)

Fans of the SNES game ActRaiser may get a kick out of this game, which mixes the co-op platformer with the tower defense game. A family heads out to collect resources and kill monsters, and once they return, they use what they’ve gathered to defend the Aegis. It’s an intriguing mix of strategy and platforming, and worth a look for fans of either.

Bleed 2, Today ($10, PS4 and Xbox One)

Despite the name, this is probably the happiest game you’ll play this week. The cheery game-obsessed Wryn is back, and she’s once again fighting her way across huge cartoony levels with her trusty firearm and even more trusty katana, and with no jerk out to take the credit this time. Action sidescroller fans with itchy trigger fingers will find that itch scratched.