A Maddeningly Cute Dog Inspired This ‘Skyrim’ Player’s Hilarious Tale

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of those games people can find themselves losing hours, days, or weeks engrossed in, especially when they discover a task in the game they absolutely need to master. When a cute rescue dog is also involved, that Skyrim addiction can become maddening.

Patrick Lenton, a writer from Sydney, Australia, discovered this and relayed the story for everyone’s amusement. Lenton was playing as a lady cat-wizard (as one does) when he happened upon an abandoned dog who became his entire focus. Adopting a dog can be incredibly complicated in Skyrim, as Lenton learned through this hilarious, stressful experience. He told the tale in a series of tweets, and it’s a knee-slapper:


Lenton also summed up the story in emoji form, if you’re in a rush:


He also had to deal with the “Well, ACTUALLY” bros questioning his story:


And he gave an update on what happened to the other, less adorable, lost dog:


He also hinted at another story for another time:


Pretty soon, positive responses about his Skyrim experience — as opposed to just nitpicks about game mechanics — were flowing his way:


Lenton realized he had a potentially viral set of tweets, so before he went to bed back home in Australia, he left a message for any of us who might see it later:



(Via Patrick Lenton, Storify, and Kotaku)