Numerous Games, Including ‘Skyrim Remastered’ And ‘Dead Rising 4,’ Leak Prior To E3 2016

E3 2016 is only a week away and the video game industry is leaking all over the carpet like an overexcited puppy, with numerous unannounced games being unofficially revealed. Of course, this is all just rumor for now, but these leaks all come from reliable sources and are backed up by hard evidence, in most cases. So, for those having a hard time keeping track, here’s a rundown of all the recently-leaked games.

The leakiest boat of all seems to be Bethesda, as Eurogamer has dug up a whole list of potential E3 announcements from them. According to verified NeoGAF insiders Shinobi602 and Enter the Dragon Punch, a remastered version of Skyrim featuring all the game’s DLC, mod support and upgraded graphics is coming to the Xbox One and PS4. Wolfenstein: The New Order 2 and The Evil Within 2 are also expected to be announced. The latter is particularly surprising, because the original Evil Within wasn’t particularly well-received, but sales must have been solid enough to push forward.

Moving onto Microsoft, ThisGenGaming revealed via some art and a couple screenshots that Dead Rising 4 is on the way. Apparently the game will be a remake of the first Dead Rising featuring original protagonist Frank West. The game is said to take place during Christmas and feature four-player co-op.

Next up, we have Warner Bros. who accidentally leaked the existence of new DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2 via posters that were sent out to some GameStop locations early.

And finally, we have Watch Dogs 2. We’ve known the Ubisoft sequel was in the works for a while, but a prematurely-released ad on IGN’s website has revealed some new details. Namely, we now know the game launches November 15 of this year, and takes place in San Francisco.

Phew! That’s a lot of leakage! Which of the leaked games are you most interested in? I’m definitely down for more Wolfenstein, and thought The Evil Within had enough potential that I’d be willing to give a sequel a try. Injustice was also a bit of a guilty pleasure.

We’ll keep you up to date on any other slip ups and leaks that might happen between now and E3!

via Eurogamer, ThisGenGaming & Polygon