Nintendo’s SNES Classic Fixes One The More Troublesome Aspects Of The NES Classic

The SNES Classic is a reality for gamers this fall, bringing 21 classic Super Nintendo games home in a fun size package for all the lovely nostalgia a fan can stomach. The mini-console will welcome the first official release of Star Fox 2, but that’s not the only change in store for the follow-up to the super popular NES Classic. There’s no word on if they’ll meet demands this time around or if the console will actually continue past a limited release period, but Nintendo did at least listen to one complaint when it came to this new nostalgia trip.

As Mashable reports, the controller for the system will still be wired to laugh in the face of your wireless controller dreams. The difference this time around is the length will be more manageable than the original SNES and the NES Classic:

“The length of the cord on the Super NES Classic controller is approximately five feet long, which is about two feet longer than the cord on the NES Classic Controller.”

That’s good news for you folks who don’t want to sit “Indian style” in front of the television. It’s bad news for you folks who were hoping for an expansion slot for a Mini-SD card or more games that you could download from the Nintendo store. Still, a good tidbit of information to help you make your decision to hop in line and get one of these treats when they’re released in September.

(Via Mashable)