Check Out Every Game Mode And Map You’ll Be Blasting Through In ‘Star Wars Battlefront’

Recently, Star Wars fans were given a first taste of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront through the game’s open beta, although said beta only contained a somewhat paltry handful of game modes and available maps. Of course, the final game will be much larger, with 11 multiplayer modes and at least half-a-dozen single-player/co-op modes in total. So, what exactly does the full game offer?

Well, YouTuber Jackfrags went hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront, and has provided a very thorough reporting of every mode available in the game. In addition to the Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes we saw in the beta, other interesting modes include Droid Run, a mode where you have to capture moving, intelligent droids; Hero Hunt, in which 7 regular soldiers have to hunt down one of the game’s powerful “hero” characters; and of course Fighter Squadron, a 20-player aerial dogfight that looks pretty seriously badass. In addition, we get info on the game’s single-player and co-op modes, including an intense-looking speeder bike race and a mode where you get to control an AT-ST and blow sh*t up.

We also get some information on how Star Wars Battlefront has changed since the beta. Apparently the game has gone through a lot of rebalancing including, thank God, the nerfing of sniper rifles (they were absurdly overpowered in the beta).

Xbox One owners who subscribe to the EA Access program can actually download Star Wars Battlefront right now and play for a limited amount of time. The rest of us will have to wait until Nov. 17. We’ll have more coverage and a review of Star Wars Battlefront next week.

(Via Jackfrags on YouTube)

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