Start Your Speeder Bike Engines, Microsoft May Be Making A New ‘Battletoads’

Ah, Battletoads – Rare’s classic Ninja Turtles rip-off was one of the most impressive games on the NES. It looked amazing for an 8-bit game and featured some satisfyingly hard-hitting action, but most people who owned it never saw more than maybe a third of its levels because it was also insanely, sadistically challenging. Really, that’s the main thing the game is remembered for now.

Well, it looks like Microsoft and Rare are gearing up to punish players again, as Microsoft just filed a trademark and patent application for the classic series. Rare has been quietly teasing this for a while; their last game, Kinect Sports Rivals, featured a Battletoads costume, and they’ve mentioned a number of times that their next project will be a continuation of a fan-favorite franchise.

I’m pretty into the idea of a new Battletoads. Sure, the old games were hard, but if you had the fortitude, they were actually really well made. Just, you know, maybe ease up on the speeder bike stages a bit.

Ugh. Need to lie down…getting flashbacks.

Via Polygon