The Nintendo Direct Conference Had Big News For ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ And ‘Pokemon’ Fans, But Disappointed Most

Entertainment Editor
09.13.17 8 Comments

The Nintendo Direct conference gave fans an important look at the normally secretive company’s plans over the next year or so. Not only did Nintendo announce a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle that will launch on October 27th (and has already sold out at Gamestop and other retailers), but the big N detailed new Pokemon news, announced a Mario Party game, and disappointed Animal Crossing fans, yet again.

The biggest news, beyond the Odyssey Switch bundle, was a more detailed look at Super Mario Odyssey proper, which not only revealed Mario’s nipples, but a frisbee mode in which Mario tosses his magical hat to a Shiba Inu, immediately putting the already massively-hyped game into Game of the Year contender-ship.

Truly, the game looks incredible.

Of course, the biggest absence was Animal Crossing. Nintendo didn’t utter a word about the upcoming mobile app, or an AC game proper for the immensely popular Switch.

Fans did, however, get a trailer for Mario Party Top 100, which collected the top 100 mini games over Mario Party‘s long existence into one game. Interesting.

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