‘Super Mario Run’ Is Averaging 10 Million Downloads A Day

Super Mario Run has been out for less than a week, and it’s been a wild ride for everyone involved. Nintendo stock has yo-yoed thanks to people whining that they have to pay ten bucks for a mobile game. But that hasn’t stopped people from downloading it, and Nintendo’s latest benchmark is 10 million downloads, every single day.

Nintendo notes that in the 140 countries they’ve debuted the game, Super Mario Run is #1 on every free chart and in the top ten of paid apps in 100 of them. It’s not clear how that translates out to actual money, of course, but we’re going to guess Nintendo is doing OK on that front, considering the game is worth the money. Going by standard statistics, though, 5% of those 40 million bought the game.

The main question, of course, is what happens when the game hits the platform everybody actually uses, Android. Nintendo has said the Android version is coming next year, and Android dwarfs iOS in terms of users. Nintendo is moving slowly on that front, as they’re worried about piracy, but it seems likely that the game will be an even bigger hit when it comes to Google. For now, though, it’s clear that Nintendo’s mobile experiment is a success.

(via The Verge)