Nintendo And Apple Announce Mario’s First Mobile Game Is ‘Coming First’ To iOS

Apple fans were expecting a lot of big announcements out of today’s big press conference, including a new iPhone and the Apple Watch 2, but most weren’t expecting any gaming-related announcements. Sure, iOS devices play games, a lot of them, but they’re usually not something the company focuses on. Of course, that changes when Super Mario is involved.

Yes, in an unexpected moment, Shigeru Miyamoto himself took the stage in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and announced Super Mario Run, a new mobile platformer starring Nintendo’s plucky mascot. The game essentially appears to be an “endless runner” type game, with Miyamoto promising you can play the game with only one hand. In addition to the main mode, the game will also feature a Battle Mode and a mode where you build a little Mushroom Kingdom from toads you collect. Super Mario Run will, somewhat surprisingly, be a paid app, rather than free-to-play.

You can check out a couple screens of the game below.

Update: Video of Nintendo and Apple’s Super Mario Run presentation is now available…

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Super Mario Run is “coming first” to iOS devices, although you have to imagine it will end up on Android devices eventually. Super Mario Run will leap onto iPhones and iPads this holiday season.