Sure, Why Not? ‘GTA V’ Modders Have Created A Gun That Shoots Cars Instead Of Bullets.

Grand Theft Auto V has finally come out for PC, which means the modding Pandora’s Box has been opened. One of the latest, silliest modder creations is a gun that shoots full-sized cars instead of bullets. The cars still have all the physics of a regular GTA V car, so firing off dozens of them at once can make for some crazy situations. Check out the car gun in action above.

In other “wacky GTA V gun mods” news, the gravity gun from the Half Life games has also hit Los Santos…

You’re off to a good start, modders! Now, get to work on those current gen horse and Creepy Woody mods.

You can download the car gun here and the gravity gun here.

(Via VG 24/7)