The Alien Isn’t The Only Thing To Fear In ‘Alien: Isolation’

Early demos of Alien: Isolation revolved around exploring a seemingly abandoned space station while dodging a single pissed off Xenomorph, leading people to question how a game with only one enemy would work. Well, there’s actually going to be more than one enemy — as revealed in the new E3 demo, Alien: Isolation will also sic hostile humans and creepy-ass synthetics on you. Still, the alien is never far away and, in fact, you can actually use the alien to your advantage at times, letting her take out the human obstacles that stand in your way.

Here’s a new Alien: Isolation trailer

Here’s five-minutes of fresh gameplay footage featuring some of the non-alien dangers you’ll encounter in the game.

I’m split — this game looks amazing, but I think I may be too much of a wuss to play it.

Via Destructoid & OutsideXbox