The Battletoads Are Making Their Pixelated Return In ‘Shovel Knight’ For The Xbox One

While the popularity of most games fades with time, Battletoads just seems to keep growing in stature. Rare’s hair-raisingly difficult NES action game may be more relevant now than it’s ever been, and Rare’s overlords at Microsoft have been hinting heavily that Rash, Zitz and Pimple may be on their way back.

Well, we don’t have any word on a full-fledged new Battletoads game just yet, but it’s been announced that the Toads will be in the upcoming Xbox One version of Shovel Knight. This will be the Toads’ first appearance in a video game in over 20 years.

Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games dropped this Toads teaser…

Honestly I can’t imagine a better fit for the return of Battletoads return than Shovel Knight, as it’s the closest thing to classic “NES hard” game we have today. I just hope they haven’t added any speeder bike levels to the game. Shovel Knight his the Xbox One in April.