The ‘Destiny’-Red Bull Promotion Has Been Shut Down Thanks To Hackers

Well, that was fast. No sooner did Activision and Red Bull announce a promotion where you got an exclusive quest for buying a can of Red Bull than somebody looked at the codes and figured out how to generate them without buying said energy drink.

To add insult to injury, these codes might have already been printed on cans, so some poor gamer may find themselves with a can of Red Bull and nothing to show for it. Needless to say, this has shut down the whole promotion while Activision and Red Bull try to salvage an idea the entire userbase of the game seems to dislike. You can’t even load the website at the moment, let alone redeem a code.

It seems likely the whole thing will be shut down; it’s far, far too late to recall that many cans of Red Bull. And, as we noted, Destiny players were not fans of being required to spend another $2 to get all the content from a $40 expansion. Next time, guys, just make it a bunch of Red Bull themed gun skins or something.

(via Kotaku)