Sony’s E3 2017 Presentation Was Conspicuous For What Was Missing

Senior Contributor


Sony had an excellent, if relatively light, E3 2017. It showed off a lot of big games, from Days Gone to Spider-Man. But there were two games we know are coming that Sony either only hinted at in passing, or didn’t mention at all. So where were the two games fans expected to hear most about?

Many hoped to learn more about The Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding, so much so that some outlets had an opinion piece for the former ready to go about how it stole the show. Instead Joel and Ellie didn’t show up. It’s likely that Sony didn’t want to detract from Days Gone, the other grim zombie game about humanity’s struggle with its nature amid the ravenous dead, and which is hitting shelves before Naughty Dog’s followup to its classic. And also Naughty Dog did have an Uncharted game to show off, and may not have wanted to split its attention.

As for Death Stranding, Sony hinted at it in their show reel with a little Mads Mikkelsen action, but ultimately there was nothing substantial. That may simply be that the game is ambitious as only a Kojima game can be. Or it may be that Sony has something else up its sleeve. Either way, it’s worth looking at the upside; Sony had plenty to get excited over, even without the games fans were expecting.

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