‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Is The Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive Ever

The PS4’s days are numbered now that we know the PlayStation 5 will hit shelves and entertainment centers later this fall, but it’s certainly going out with a bang thanks to The Last Of Us 2. The highly-anticipated sequel to the Neil Druckmann classic officially went on sale last week and has been one of the fastest-selling games in the console’s history.

Sony announced on Friday that The Last Of Us 2 was the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive title in history, with more than 4 million copies sold as of June 21. That means it hit the 4 million mark in just three days, easily eclipsing the pace of other PS4 exclusives like God of War (3.1 million) and 2018’s Spider-Man (3.3 million) over the same mark.

“We are so immensely grateful to the millions of fans around the world that have played The Last of Us Part II and shared their experiences with us over the last week. We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that deals with difficult themes and would challenge you in unexpected ways,” Druckmann said according to the Sony blog. “Hearing how the experience has resonated with so many of you and witnessing the type of thoughtful discussions it has sparked has been so incredible.”

The sequel to 2013’s The Last Of Us took years to develop and saw some significant delays, but the way appeared to be well worth it. The first game sold 1.3 million copies in its first week, but plenty of buzz and rave reviews for the sequel saw it smash that mark to sell more than 4 million copies in its first few days of release.