‘The Last Of Us’ Finds Its Proper Home On The Playstation 4

08.04.14 5 years ago 5 Comments
The “remastering” phenomenon has already reached it’s best before date, but if there’s one game that absolutely deserves the treatment it’s The Last of Us. The game already looked and felt like a PS4 game Naughty Dog somehow made work on the PS3 through the generous use of dark magic and lots of duct tape — it would have felt like a glaring omission if the game hadn’t shown up on Sony’s latest hardware.

The Last of Us Remastered isn’t full remake. In some ways it’s a fairly modest upgrade from the PS3 game, but as you play the game on the PS4 you can’t help but feel you’re finally seeing this animal in its proper habitat. On the PS3, The Last of Us was a tiger pacing its cramped zoo cage — on the PS4 the game is essentially the same beast, but now it finally has the chance to stretch its legs.

The Last of Us stretches its legs (and its trigger finger). 

I’m not an expert on the technical side of video games, so it’s hard to put a finger on how, exactly, Naughty Dog improved The Last of Us’ visuals for the PS4 release. The environments and models are, for the most part, very similar, and yet the game is clearly on another level on the new system. Of course owners of 1080p TVs will notice an immediate difference, but it goes beyond that. Even at 720p the game’s crisper, more vibrant and just overall more solid feeling. The original PS3 version was amazingly detailed, but it also had a slightly grungy edge that’s been mostly scrubbed off for this re-release — in some of the darker, dingier areas the two versions of the game don’t look terribly different, but the lush, greenery packed daytime scenes are absolutely striking on the PS4. Trust me, YouTube videos and screenshots don’t do the difference justice.

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