The ‘Mad Max’ Gameplay Trailer Is Post-Apocalyptic Glee

Mad Max, in addition to getting a movie that looks amazing, is also getting a video game this fall. Made by the team behind the Just Cause franchise, it looks…. well, actually it looks a lot like Batman: Arkham, just with more cars, guns, and violence. Hey, we didn’t say that was a bad thing.

To be fair, the combat is more Sleeping Dogs than anything else, although we do see a few of the trademark anger squiggles over an enemy’s head in the gameplay footage above. While Max does have guns, ammo is a precious commodity, so more often than not you’re going hand-to-hand with the various mutants and scumbags. Ammo appears mostly saved for the custom car you build as you explore the wasteland and blow things up: Yes, you get to build your own post-apocalyptic car, as you scavenge parts and scrap. It also looks like you’ll have to explore the desert finding hideouts and loot stores, which your car will be crucial in helping you locate.

There’s even a Thunderdome. As for when you can do all this, Max rolls in September 1.