The Next LEGO Video Game Is Almost Certainly Going To Be ‘Jurassic Park’ Based

Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, The Avengers – if it’s something young dudes like, it’s been done in LEGO video game form. What’s even left to cover? Hmmm, how about Jurassic Park?

Minor SPOILERS for LEGO Batman 3 ahead…

If you make it to the end of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Earth, you get an interesting little tease for the next LEGO Something game. Batman and Robin are climbing up the side of building ’60s style, and they come across a dino and the famous Jurassic Park theme briefly plays. Sadly, this isn’t followed by a LEGO Jeff Goldblum sticking his head out a window and laughing, but still, the message is pretty clear.

This lines up with a recent Toys ‘R Us leak that revealed LEGO Jurassic World is on the way. Oh, and of course actual Jurassic World LEGO sets are happening too

So yeah, A VIDEO GAME BASED ON LEGO JURASSIC PARK SETS is a thing that’s happening. I think my inner child’s head just blew up.

via Eurogamer and Geek