The Rock’s ‘Rampage’ Movie Needs A Better Script, But It’s Still On The Way

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It seems the script for Rampage, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s upcoming movie about giant werewolves and apes punching skyscrapers to pieces, wasn’t up to snuff. You really do want to make sure your giant city-pummeling monster characterization is locked down.

Rampage was to be written by Ryan Engle, scribe of the Liam Neeson “terrorists on a plane” flick Non-Stop, but he’s been replaced by Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal, co-creators of the USA Network series Colony. They’ve both also worked with Johnson before – Cuse wrote San Andreas and Condal wrote the Johnson-starring version of Hercules. So, in other words, between Cuse, Condal and director Brad Peyton (San Andreas), Johnson is clearly trying to assemble a stable of trusted collaborators for Rampage. That could be a good thing, or it could be a sign The Rock realized too late he’s signed on to star in a movie based on a goofy 30-year-old arcade game, and he’s doing everything he can to make the project work.

But hey, even if there are some concerns about Rampage, The Rock’s schedule waits for nothing. According to a recent Instagram post, Johnson expects Rampage production to begin late this summer…

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EXCLUSIVE: Cool news we just hired Carlton Cuse & Ryan Condal (creators of COLONY) to write our big screen adaptation of RAMPAGE for New Line. Carlton also wrote SAN ANDREAS for us, so he excels at writing big scale with family and heart as the anchor. We have a shot to raise the bar and make something cool with this one as the basic storyline is three mutated gigantic monsters (Silverback, Alligator and Wolf) destroy major cities and landmarks across the US. This summer I'll spend time at the San Diego Wildlife Preserve as well as with Anti-Poaching Units from Africa for my research. If you were a fan of the video game like I was, then you KNOW how bad ass and fun this movie can be. I'll try not to screw it up 😂. Shooting begins late this summer. #RAMPAGE * pictured is the RAMPAGE team (same team who brought you SAN ANDREAS) Director Brad Peyton (with the dope fade haircut), producer Beau Flynn (with the Grizzly Adams beard), Carlton Cuse (the constant intellectual with glasses) and some bald tattooed brown man who occasionally smiles. Photo credit: Genaro Molina LA TIMES.

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So far, Rampage plot details are being kept under wraps – probably because the old plot sucked and is being redone. Personally, I’m holding out hope that Johnson actually plays one of the building-punching monsters. Who would you have The Rock play? Ralph the werewolf? Lizzie the lizard? George the gorilla? Yes, they all have names, and yes, I still remember them by heart. If these latest writers fall through, give me a call, Rock.

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