‘The Sims’ Is Coming To An Amazon Smart Device Near You


If you can’t get enough of The Sims, you better make sure your smart devices are in Amazon’s ecosystem. The social game that, for a while, seemed to own the gaming world is bringing Sims content to the Alexa smart home gadget you probably have interrupting your peace and quiet at home.

Maxis, the company that made Sim City, Sim Copter and the — as well as The Sims titles — announced that the game will soon be available on your Alexa devices.

Maxis announced it during its Maxis Monthly Livestream, which is where the company often drops news about upcoming projects and releases.

This particular bit of news is pretty cool if you’re a fan of The Sims: The Alexa partnership means people can play Sims trivia and learn more about Maxis projects through Alexa devices. They can even play some Sims music through the smart home speakers, if they’re into that kind of thing.

As noted, this was a “passion project” for some developers at Maxis and hasn’t slowed them down on any new Sims games. Like maybe a long-awaited release of The Sims 5, if that were ever to happen. Until then, answering some questions about the previous four titles — and maybe Sim Farm if you’re lucky — is a pretty neat distraction while you wait.