The UPROXX GammaStream Rides With ‘The Witcher III’

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05.20.15 8 Comments
geralt the witcher III

CD Projekt RED

Ready to ride through a war-torn land full of monsters and people who hate your guts? Sure you are! So, we’re livestreaming The Witcher III today.

This week’s stream is a little different; I’ve been trying to get a jump on the game to get anything resembling a timely review out the door, so I’ve already played through a few hours. Mostly what’s striking is that it’s basically Red Dead Redemption; you’ve got a horse, you’ve got question marks, you ride the horse to the question marks, and there’s usually some story with a sad twist at said question marks. That said, I will be picking up fairly early on in the quest chain, because… well, mostly because I’ve been screwing around inside the game world.

So, as usual, hit me up on the Twitch stream if you’d like to make fun of my gaming prowess. And if you’d rather just watch here, you can see it below. We’ll be running the game from 2:40 EST to about 4:40 EST. Drop me any questions on the stream itself, as I’ll be on the mic, or hit me up in the comments below. See you there!

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