The Winklevii Would Like To Sell You Some Pistachios


When we last checked in on Hitler youth stalwarts Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they were being called as$holes in public by noted staggering as$hole former Harvard President Larry Summers. (Takes one to know one, right?) Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s persistent Nordic adversaries are going to peddle nuts to the masses.

Reports the New York Observer:

It’s hard to tell why Guest of a Guest publishers and Facebook would-be inventors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss appeared to agree in an advertisement for Wonderful Pistachios, but apparently, they did … Maybe this is part of an effort to win back the good faith of the world at-large with regard to the perception of them as Those Guys Who Claimed To Invent Facebook But Didn’t, or to boost their image as patriots going to win glory for their country on a global stage using large rowboats.

I reiterate what something I’ve said previously: I so wish Mark Zuckerberg would have bought Myspace for the Winklevii, just to see what, if anything, they could do with it.

Certainly there would be less shame in being gifted Myspace by Zuckerberg than appearing in pistachio commercials, right? Here’s the spot…judge for yourself.

BONUS! The Angry Birds wil also be part of the new campaign to sell more nuts…

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