This 9-Minute Video Is The Ultimate Compilation Of Ridiculous ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Tricks

10.16.14 4 years ago

2K Games

Grand Theft Auto V has some, let’s say, forgiving physics. Hit a ramp at the right speed and angle and gravity is as meaningless as all other laws are in the GTA universe. We’ve featured some impressive GTA stunts before, but this video dwarfs them all — it’s nearly 10-minutes long and features the most impressive, ridiculous accomplishments of some of the best GTA V stunt crews out there (yes, GTA V stunt crews are a thing).

Check out lots of upside-down flying bikes below…

The ones where they ramp off something and land somewhere weird are good, but my favorite stunts are the ones where they fly planes though tight spaces. Nintendo and Rockstar need to get working on a GTA/Pilotwings crossover immediately.

Via Kotaku

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