This Dad Reenacting The Taunts From ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Is Equally Charming And Cringeworthy

One of the charming things about the Smash Bros. games are all unique little taunts the characters can do. Now, what if you were to get your middle aged dad to reenact all the best taunts from Donkey Kong, Samus and Princess Peach? Things might go from charming to cringeworthy pretty fast.

Well, comedian and YouTuber Nick Luciano did exactly that and the results are a healthy mix of hilarious and horrifying. Y’know, horrifying in an endearing sort of way. You’ll admire this dorky dad’s dedication, but a part of you will be screaming, “DAAAD, STOP EMBARASSING ME” in sympathy.

Now, somebody get this guy to reenact the fatalities from Mortal Kombat X.

(via Kotaku)