This Funny ‘Real Life Tetris’ Prank Reveals That Tetris Pieces Are Total Jerks

There are a lot of video game characters you probably wouldn’t want to encounter in real life, but Tetris blocks? They’d probably be pretty harmless. I mean, they’re just… blocks, right?

Well, French prankster Rémi Gaillard and a few friends dressed up as tetrominoes and hit the town, and it turns out that Tetris can be surprisingly disruptive. It’s always great when Tetris pieces fit together, but not so great when they fit together to block a road or the bottom of an escalator. Honestly, this kind of behavior would probably get these people punched out most places on the planet, but, again, they’re French, so everybody just kind of waves their arms in an angry way before shrugging and moving on. Jerkiness high score!

(via the Awesomer)